the douglas fir band

The album "California Memory" (mixed by Brad Wood) is available below!

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Boston's Douglas Fir band, whose principal songwriter is Jay Walsh, may share similar influences to NYC early '80s revivalists such as Interpol, Longwave, and The Walkmen, but they beat those bands to the punch, having played their blend of chilling, atmospheric, effects laden pop since the late '90s. They're also better than the aforementioned bands, adding more colors and a softer touch to the mix, bringing to mind underrated legends such as The Chameleons, Australia's The Church, and The Straitjacket Fits on this monumental debut album. And then there's the songwriting; Walsh's spectacular, vivid lyrical narratives flow like your favorite short stories or those old Hitchcock films name checked on "My Favorite Thing." Don't miss out on this one!

The Big Takeover Magazine - 2004